Christmas is almost here, and with it comes the toughest time of all – gift shopping. We get it – it’s the time of the year where you frantically run through shop after shop, keeping likes and dislikes in mind as you try to be everyone’s favourite Santa this year.


And it isn’t easy. What if your gift is less interesting than last year’s? Or even worse, what if your gift looks like you did some lazy, last-minute shopping and got them the first thing you saw on sale?


But worry not, for your Christmas miracle is here. We’ve brought you 5 amazing Christmas gift ideas for you to wow your family and friends – and win the title of Best Santa Ever!








1.Bluetooth Knit Beanie

You can tell a lot about a person from the gift you receive from them. Wanna show off how cool and up-to-date you are? Go beyond the norm of wearing headphones and get them this comfy, trendy bluetooth beanie! Not only can they listen to music or audiobooks, it can even connect to the phone so they can answer calls without moving a muscle. Best of all? It’s fashionable.






  1. DIY Face Mask kit

With masks being a must-have in everyone’s life right now, it’s time to embrace the spirit of Christmas and get people what they really need. With the DIY Face Mask kit, your friends and family can decorate their own face masks and turn something tedious into something fun. Who says you can’t be safe in style?







  1. Dream Decoder Kit

Embrace the future of experiential marketing today.

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December can be a sleepy season. Give people a gift that keeps on giving – every time they have a dream, they can pull out this quaintly-decorated dream decoder kit and decipher the meaning of their dream. Hopefully, they’ll discover they’ve been dreaming about you and your kindness all this time.






  1. Philips Hue Wireless Lighting

The best gift is the kind that can be used all year round. These immersive lights come in bulbs and strips, connecting to smartphones or smarthome appliances to bathe homes in a beautiful, dynamic atmosphere. Moreover, they can sync with music, games or movies for that extra immersion. With a wide range of customisability and flexibility, you can stick or place them anywhere in your home for that perfect atmosphere.






  1. Customised Mixer

KitchenAid lets you mix and match 30 different colors, 14 bowl designs, and more than 10 attachments until you craft the perfect kitchen addition for your budding baker. You can even engrave it with up to 24 characters for an extra personal touch.

P.S: it’s a fantastic way to impress the in-laws, and show that you’re a person of exalted taste.


Of course, the truly best gift of all is the one that suits the recipient’s needs; so you might want to go with what you know in the end. But if you’re stumped and panicking about the perfect gift for the perfect person, you can’t go wrong with any of these amazing gifts.


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