Given that the pandemic rages on, opportunities for heightening brand awareness and expressing gratitude to customers are rather limited. As people are reluctant to leave their homes, there is little way to give them experiences to remember you by.


So – if they won’t leave their homes and come to us, we’ll bring the experience to them. Sending people gifts in tandem with festivities is an excellent way of building meaningful connections with them, and a surefire way of letting them know how important they are to you.


But regular, boring gifts aren’t going to cut it. In order to stand out, you’ve got to go above and beyond to make your gift uniquely memorable.


Here’s where creativity comes in.


In this article we’re taking an opportunity to showcase our future-forward thinking, so we’ll be talking about our Chinese New Year gift plans – for our Christmas gift ideas, click here.

No matter how unique the gift is, it needs to relate to the culture and traditions of the season it’s attached to. Design comes into play here: a gift no matter virtual or physical needs to be aesthetically appealing, while being instantly recognisable as seasonally relevant.


Firstly, it’s important to remember that people generally don’t appreciate gifts that don’t look like you’ve put a lot of thought into them and how they look. Secondly, adhering to the festive look and feel tells people that you share the same beliefs and culture, and builds a much deeper connection in hearts and minds.

We’ve exquisitely designed two variants of gifts to celebrate the Chinese New Year – the Zodiac Giftbox and the Ginseng Herbarium. Both are immensely influenced by Chinese culture and traditions, yet presenting them in fun and innovative ways.


The Zodiac Giftbox is a beautifully, elegantly crafted giftbox with predictions and wishes personalised for each Zodiac in the year of the Ox. Holding compartments for each Zodiac, owners of the giftbox can pull out messages or wishes for anyone that visits their home. More importantly, it serves as a splendid gift that shows respect for the cultural festivities.


For an additional touch of tradition, the Zodiac Giftbox includes a customisable ‘Lou Sang’ section on top as fitting with local Chinese New Year culture, or alternatively a series of little Zodiac-themed cakes and chewables for some adorable fun.

Embrace the future of experiential marketing today.

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Think Wagashi, but Zodiac-themed.


The Ginseng Herbarium is lavishly designed to combine modern and traditional values in an eco-friendly gift that stands out like none other.  Utilising only traditional Chinese herbs, the herbarium is a beautiful gift that reminds us how art is found first and foremost in nature. Best of all, it’s the perfect ornament to place within one’s home, adding a touch of Zen to our modernised lifestyles.

Of course, both variants come with additional customisability. Beyond their intricate design, they can both be personalised with specific branding that add to the gifts’ already mesmerising aesthetic. Alternatively, customised messages for receipients can be added in via QR technology, further blurring the lines between modernity and tradition.


Given the current need and craze for virtual events that’s going on, such physical gifts can change the game too. An event that’s held solely on the virtual stage can attract people, but the physical distance can cause a sense of disconnect with audiences nonetheless.


Pairing a virtual event with a physical, delivered gift adds another layer of engagement with a much-needed element of touch to the experience. After all, experiences truly become memorable only with a sufficient level of immersion; and tackling the multisensory aspect of it goes a long way towards making your experience unforgettable.

Here are some quick, condensed points for what to look out for when creating that special gift.


  • It needs to tie in well to the season.
    – Relating to shared culture is the foundation for emotional connections.


  • It needs to represent your brand, or your products and services clearly.
    – It won’t do you much good if your recipients don’t realise the gift is from you, or take too long to figure it out.


  • It needs to be unique and engaging.
    – Your gift needs to stand out to be memorable, else it’ll be seen as just another piece of junk mail.


  • It needs to look superb.
    – Again, no one pays much attention to a gift that looks bland. People appreciate you putting thought into how well the gift is presented.


Lastly, the design of the gift should properly reflect all of the above. People have short attention spans, so regardless of how well you wish someone season’s tidings or how incredibly unique an experience it gives them; it needs to grab their attention immediately and communicate the above points right away.



Above all, The Fame loves injecting artistic flair into creating unforgettable brand experiences. If you’d like some creative input or some ideas on how to make your next gift amazing, you can reach out to us at anytime.




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