Journey Into A World of Modern Luxury Etiqperience


An amalgamation of etiquette and experience, step into a world of society’s elite customary codes of behaviour expertly crafted with indulgent experiences. An apex of affluent conduct instilled with modern luxury lifestyle – enriching lives and delivering experiences beyond expectations.


Hall of Fame is founded upon the concept of Etiqperience – representing a high-end lifestyle etiquette and experience platform, exquisitely crafted and designed to create a luxurious yet deeply-engaging social conduit with distinguished standards in shaping the new modern-day elite etiquette.

Adhering to the principles of Exquisite · Reputable · Affluent, we are dedicated to exceed expectations, vowing to create extraordinary sensory appreciation and first-class, high-end experiences using only the most polished of resources.


Connect with some of the most influential individuals and experts through our Hall of Maestros, as they share their invaluable experience in identifying and tackling topics pertinent to maintaining a distinguished lifestyle.
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Beyond the pursuit of enhancing lifestyle through the cultivation of elite etiquette, Hall of Fame simultaneously serves as a strong, positive network amongst top entrepreneurs and the modern societal elite to facilitate the sharing of ideas and development of unique, beneficial collaborations.

As a top-notch alternative to regular event curation, Hall of Fame represents a novel, exclusive method of manifesting appreciation towards the highest class of distinguished clientele. Beyond the cultivation of etiquette, Hall of Fame is first and foremost a journey of luxury, indulgence and extravagance that aims to bring only the best, to the very best of us.