As the Covid-19 pandemic grew steadily, one undeniable lesson that brands have come to learn is that the difference between success and failure is creativity.


It started with people beginning to look for entertainment more and more during the beginning of the lockdowns. Social media saw the most of this upsurge in creativity, as people flocked to platforms like TikTok to share their creative ideas and content. As a result, content that stood out drew the most eyeballs, and got their message across the most effectively.


Shortly, creativity became the core aspect of how businesses adapted to survive. With so much attention on the digital landscape, it has become an absolute necessity to bring brand messaging and presence online; or fade out into obscurity.


Of course, this is easier said than done. In a time where the pandemic has greatly shifted the priorities of every consumer, brands now have to worry not only about their bottom line, but doubly regarding the way the brand is presented. According to this Edelman report, 71 percent of people say they will lose trust in a brand forever if they believe the brand puts profit over people.


In the same report, 84 percent of people said they “want brand advertising to focus on how brands help people cope with pandemic-related life challenges” and 85 percent said they want brands to use their power to educate.

With such changing consumer expectations, it is now imperative that brands carefully think through and design their content and messaging. Earlier research and the effects of Covid-19 have clearly shown that consumers want the brands they choose to be there when they need them the most. That means creating a consistent presence, one that both visually and meaningfully connects with consumers while casting an image that shows strength and caring.


In today’s world, creativity is king. The average attention span is now shorter than it has ever been, so skill in capturing attention and fostering memorability in a consistent manner is at a high premium. Many brands have tried (and many have failed) at pushing their forms of creativity to audiences. But mistakes can be costly, and a wrong impression or the idea that a brand puts profits before consumers can be lethal to a brand during these troubling times.


With such high stakes and changing consumer priorities, it’s critical that brand messaging and marketing campaigns be carefully thought through with experts. On the other hand, the visual design and artistic flair (yes, art does come into play here) of your presence helps to connect you to your audiences on a more emotional note. Before audiences can really get into the details of your messaging, visuals are the primary method of capturing attention and holding it.

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For The Fame, we utilise a three-pronged approach towards this.


Precision – It’s all about getting the right message to the right people, at the right time. Being precise is what renders your marketing and branding efforts effective, and prevents wastage of resources.


Honour – By positioning your brand as ‘honourable’, you communicate to consumers that you always prioritise their needs and well-being above profits. And in this day and age, that’s exactly what consumers want from businesses.


Character – More importantly, your brand needs to look and feel right to consumers. You need to be appealing while staying true to what audiences love about you. That means innovating and presenting new, creative perceptions and messages… but never straying from your core values.


The right message, told in the right way and at the right time can make all the difference between your brand succeeding or failing. So again, as the pandemic rages on there is no aspect of marketing more valuable than creativity – hence if your brand is to not only survive, but thrive; you’ll need to invest in creative expertise now more than ever.


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