The world economy is seeing some hard times. One of the worst repercussions of the raging pandemic is economic downturn, and it’s something that no country and no one is immune from. With the global markets in havoc, it would be an apt prediction to say that the low confidence in the world economy could lead to greater losses in the coming days.


But the Fourth Industrial Revolution marches on undaunted, and the evolution of technology continues its meteoric growth. The fintech (financial technology) sector is one such industry that has seen progress despite the ongoing circumstances, and is positioned to grow even further by utilising current opportunities.




Because brand presence and consumer confidence go hand in hand. Because as of now, brands all over are looking for solutions, miracles to help them survive or recoup their losses. Because the solutions that fintech brands provide are largely Covid-proof, in that they can mitigate the difficulties of doing business in an age of social distancing – one that is not likely to fade away soon regardless of our results against the pandemic.

Because after close to a year of economic losses and Covid-19 difficulties, brands now understand more than ever the necessities of going digital – of embracing innovative approaches that will safeguard them now and tomorrow.


But regardless of how incredible one’s solution is, it is utterly ineffective if people don’t hear about it.


Now is the time to get the word out, and to stand out from the competition whilst doing so. With the eyes of the world now focused on the virtual landscape, virtual events have never been so crucial in building brand presence and reaching potential customers.


Now more than ever, fintech companies should look towards holding virtual conferences and exhibitions.


Virtual and hybrid fintech conferences have already begun, brining fintech brands from across the globe to share ideas and discuss the future of finance in a post-pandemic world. Such initiatives serve brilliantly in building brand exposure, and most importantly – label said brands as industry experts in the minds of potential customers.


Conferences of this fashion are nothing new for the fintech industry, but there is now the added dimension of going virtual. For the fintech brands that are innovating in terms of AI, digital banking and other technologically-savvy solutions, a virtual conference or exhibition is an absolute must-have especially during these times.

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Not only that, the positioning of these virtual events needs to be precise – from the UI/UX to the audience interactions, each component needs to represent the brand well. Perhaps a futuristic aesthetic, one befitting brands that make their living with state-of-the-art financial technology.


Yet given the context – that audiences won’t be flocking to such conferences/exhibitions primarily with visual enjoyment on their minds – it’s important to maintain accessibility for everyone, balancing between standing out and yet keeping the content and flow easily understandable for those who want to get right to the point.


Beyond singular experiences, a consistent digital branding and online presence can work wonders. From the moment audiences or customers see your brand or any of your content online, the idea that you’re a prestigious, ahead-of-the-curve business must be implanted within their minds. The visual design of your branding, marketing material rollout, the way your content speaks to your audience – all these need to be elaborately designed to position your brand the way you desire.


If you’re in fintech, know that the time is ripe for you to solidify your brand presence and position yourself as an industry leader. The pandemic can be seen as either a crisis or an opportunity; and which of this it will be, will be completely up to you.


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